We Chat – How to send money directly and instantly from Mpesa to WeChat users in China

We Chat is a giant and a leading mobile payment and social media application.  A China-based internet mobile messaging service. WeChat provides a payment platform, WeChatPay that enables money transfer between users. In addition it also enables online and offline payments. Furthermore, it’s also a messaging and calling app, a multi-purpose app.  We Chat app provides an all in one communication platform that connects billions of individuals across the globe.

Mpesa is Kenya’s giant and largest mobile money platform. Money transfer from Mpesa to WeChat is possible via Family Bank Kenya partnership with SimbaPay. SimbaPay is a London based financial technology firm. Consequently, it’s an African focused digital money transfer firm. The firm aims at facilitating more cost effective and efficient transfer of funds across Africa and its borders.

Via SimbaPay and Family Bank Kenya partnership, registered Mpesa users can easily and conveniently send money to their friends and family members in China. That is, to subscribers of WeChat. Furthermore, individuals and businesses can also instantly make payments for goods to their suppliers and businesses in china. That is Kenyan and the whole of East African traders who imports goods from China regularly. Hence boosting trade activities between Kenya and China.

While WeChat connects its users across the globe, Mpesa connects individuals to China via WeChat. Mpesa and WeChat partnership provides a connection between the largest mobile money services in Africa with the largest payment service in China. Hence enabling instant and real time money transfer. That is, comparing to before, money sent to china used to take several days before being delivered to the recipient’s bank account.

How to send money directly and instantly from Mpesa to We Chat users in China

To send money from Mpesa to WeChat is now instant. The service is available to all family banks customers and non-customers via SimbaPay service. In addition, the service can easily be accessed from family Bank PesaPap mobile banking application.

We Chat - How to send money directly and instantly from Mpesa to WeChat users in China

Also individuals can also access the service through the banks USSD service * 325# or via Safaricom Mpesa using the family bank’s paybill number.

To send money;

  1. Go to the Mpesa menu
  2. Select Lipa na Mpesa
  3. Choose paybill
  4. Enter the business number, 261059
  5. Account number is the phone number of the recipient in China i.e. +86 then phone number.
  6. The amount to send
  7. Enter the Mpesa PIN then press OK
  8. Confirm the transaction via Hakikisha, press OK then wait for a confirmation message from Mpesa.

Individuals sending money to China via SimbaPay service can easily access the updated daily foreign exchange rate. Therefore, the sender reviews the transaction and exchange rate used before making the payment.

Money transfer from Kenya to China provides very affordable charges. Hence, charges of transactions varies with the amount that the sender wishes to send. For instance, sending Kshs.8, 198 would attract a cost of Kshs.350. While sending via SimbaPay, money is delivered in Chinese Yuan, that is, to the recipients WeChatPay wallets.

Other than communicating with the china traders via WeChat, customers can now also easily and seamlessly make payments to their suppliers via WeChat.

We Chat is more than a messaging and mobile payment app. It’s also a social media app. It’s a media platform that also provides the daily news to users.

Other than Mpesa to WeChat, Mpesa have also partnered with Western Union to enable international money transfers via Mpesa Global. In addition, Mpesa have also partnered with other money transfer platforms such as PayPal, Wave, MoneyGram and many more. Hence facilitating money transfers across the globe.