Wave Money Transfer in Kenya from Wave App to Mpesa

Wave is a money transfer internet firm based in New York. Wave App is the latest and new innovative way of sending money. It enables instant money transfer through the mobile phone. Individuals in Abroad can easily send money from Wave App to Mpesa wallets in Kenya. The Wave money transfer also enables the customers to send money to Ethiopia and East Africa.

The Wave App is very easy and instant. It enables the money sent from US, UK and Canada to arrive instantly to the recipient’s phone. Individuals can easily receive money through the Wave Money Transfer in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. Wave provides the best security to all their customers. They encrypt all the customers’ data and provide them with the best support.

Money transfer through the Wave App is one of the best option and the best service for Kenyans in abroad. This is because individuals can easily and safely send money in Kenya. Hence even in the most remote areas in Kenya and the recipients can then easily withdraw it through Mpesa.

Wave money transfer is very convenient. This is because it is received through Mpesa. Once received, the individuals can then easily buy airtime, withdrawal or buy goods and services through the Mpesa merchants. Also they can easily paybill using the Mpesa paybill number. They can then pay utility bills such as the KPLC bills, DStv, GOtv, StarTimes, Zuku and so on.

No Fees to Send via Wave Money Transfer

Wave Money Transfer in Kenya from Wave App to Mpesa

The Wave App Charges No Fees to send money. Hence does not charge any commission though they gain from the exchange rates. This makes their service of money transfer very affordable.

The Wave provides their money transfer service at the best rates. They also provide a display of live price comparisons to competitors in their App. Some of their major competitors include the Western Union  and Money Gram.

Wave major competitors earn and make money through fees and exchange rates. This makes the Wave App a better option because compared to them; it only makes money through the exchange rates. Hence this makes Wave money transfer the cheaper option in the market.

Wave money also enables fast money transfer from UK debit cards to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Customers in Uganda and Ethiopia can receive their money through the MTN Mobile Money.

The Wave App provides real time updates on the status of every transfer made. This makes it very convenient for the customers because they can always follow up on their money.

The Wave App is available in the Android and iOS mobile phones. The Wave firm has partnered with the local Commercial Bank of Africa for remittances. This is very convenient because it also banks for Mpesa.

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