Transfast Money Transfer – How to send money via Transfast money transfer from abroad to Kenya

Transfast is an international and global money transfer company based in New York. Its a fast growing company internationally in terms of money transfer and mobile payments. Transfast provides a platform that allows individuals to easily and conveniently send money from abroad to their families and friends in Kenya. Hence customers from US and Canada can easily send money to Kenya via Transfast money transfer.

Transfast is a leading Multi-currency provider. With Transfast, customers can easily send money to their recipient’s bank accounts or Mpesa wallet accounts directly. Customers can also pick their money from the various pick up points across Kenya.

Transfast provides flexibility to all their customers. This is because they have partnered with the leading banks in Kenya. Hence customers can easily receive their transfer from their banks of choice.

Other than banks, the company also has partnered with the Safaricom Mpesa. Mpesa is the leading and dominant money transfer company in the Kenyan market. With Mpesa, the recipients can easily withdraw their money from the various Mpesa agents countrywide. Hence they can access Mpesa services even in the remote areas in Kenya.

How to send money from abroad using Transfast Money Transfer

How to send money via Transfast money transfer from abroad to Kenya

  1. Go to Transfast
  2. Sign up or log in
  3. Select country
  4. Enter recipient and payout information
  5. Enter the money that you want to send
  6. Key in your bank, debit or credit card payment information
  7. Review and confirm your transaction
  8. Send

Transfast provides super rates and low fees to all their clients. They enable their customers to easily send and make instant deposits from a mobile phone, Transfast agents and online.

Transfast provides guaranteed exchange rates. This enables the sender to know the exact amount that the recipient will get. Payout information entails the recipient’s details and the delivery option. Hence delivery option includes bank deposit, Mpesa or cash pick up.

The money transfer platform provides the best security to all their customers. Hence all the Transfast transactions are highly secured. With Transfast, customers can conveniently send money internationally anytime and from anywhere.

Transfast money transfer provides online transaction tracking. This means that the senders can easily track the money sent until it gets to the recipients. Both the sender and recipient get email and SMS alerts once the money is sent and received.

Transfast provides a very simple and affordable way of sending money worldwide. Customers living and working abroad can also easily and affordably use Transfast App to send money to their relatives and friends back in Kenya.

Incase an error occurs while sending or delivering the money, the money is reversed back to the sender. The sender is guaranteed 100% money back or refund. The money transfer platform provides the best customer care services 24/7 incase of any problems or queries.

Transfast money transfer to Mpesa wallets

Mpesa is the leading money transfer platform in the Kenyan market. It is a product of the Safaricom Kenya. Mpesa is a fast growing product and it’s very easily available due to its dominance in the market. Mpesa has led to the high growth of mobile money network and acceptance in the Kenyan market.

Transfast money transfer to Mpesa wallets provides flexibility and convenience. This is because once the money is received; the recipient can easily withdraw from any Mpesa agent countrywide.

They can also save or use the money to pay for utility bills via Lipa na Mpesa paybill. Hence pay utility bills such as DStv, GOtv, KPLC bills and many more. With Mpesa, customers can also easily pay rent, shop in supermarkets, small shops and in addition in hotels and petrol stations.

Once money is received, the recipients can conveniently use the money to manage the day to day activities via Mpesa. They can even deposit the money to their bank accounts via the Mpesa paybill number.

Transfast money transfer allow all their customers to enjoy saving due to low fees while sending money to their friends and families from abroad.

It’s very fast and secure and the recipients don’t have to stress on how to get the transfer. This is because they can easily and hassles free get it from their banks in Kenya and also from their Mpesa wallets.

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