How to send mobile money to Mpesa Kenya from abroad using WorldRemit money transfer

WorldRemit is a global online money transfer service. It is a digital firm that enables the customers to easily send and transfer money. They can thus send to the mobile wallets accounts and bank accounts. The customers from abroad can easily send money to Kenya via Mpesa using the WorldRemit money transfer.

The WorldRemit is an international online money transfer service available in over 50 countries. They offer the money transfer services to more than 120 destinations. They enable the customers to receive mobile money though the partnership with the Mpesa mobile money services. The WorldRemit Company has been licensed by government regulations around the world. This therefore makes it a secure money transfer service to use.

Kenyans in abroad have been the biggest and the top in mobile money remittances. Through the WorldRemit, Kenyans in abroad can easily send money to Kenya via the Mpesa services. WorldRemit money transfer services provide low price and high speed as sending money to Kenya is instant through the mobile money. Also they provide convenience as the recipients can easily receive the money in their mobile wallets.

WorldRemit provides an easy and secure platform for all their customers. They enable the customers to easily send money from their Website or the WorldRemit App. For the customers in abroad to send money to Kenya, all they need is the recipient’s mobile money number.

How to send mobile money to Mpesa Kenya from abroad using WorldRemit money transfer

How to send mobile money to Mpesa Kenya from abroad using WorldRemit money transfer

  1. Go to the WorldRemit website and log in
  2. Choose the country to send money to
  3. Select Mpesa
  4. Key in the amount to send
  5. Enter the recipients details
  6. Pay for the transfer and send
  7. A notification is sent to the customer and to the recipient by SMS and email with details of money is sent and received.

The WorldRemit money transfer provides low fees and exchange rates. They allow the customers to view their fees and exchange rates upfront before sending the money. Once sent, the money is added instantly to the recipients Mpesa account.

Other than the Mpesa, the WorldRemit customers can also receive their money from banks where money is available in the next working day and cash pickups that provides instant and real time money transfer. From the cash pickups, the customers can collect their money instantly from Upesi Money Transfer, Kenya Commercial Bank or the UAE exchange branches.

The customers can also send instant airtime to up through WorldRemit money transfer services. They can easily and instantly to up Airtel, Safaricom and orange airtime anytime and from anywhere.

WorldRemit money transfer is one of the best and most used way of sending money from abroad. They provide to their customers fast, simple, secure and low cost online service. The services is available to all the customers anytime regardless of whether it’s during the day or night.

Money transfer to Mpesa wallet

WorldRemit allows instant remittances from abroad via the mobile App or the website to the Mpesa accounts. Their services can easily be accessed from UK, Australia, Germany, US, Canada, North America, Europe and many more. The customers living in abroad can easily use the digital money transfer to send money to Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Cameroon, Ghana, India, Philippines, and Zimbabwe and so on.

The Mpesa services has become a must have mobile money service in Kenya. This is because they enable the customers to easily settle utility bills with the paybill numbers. Such bills includes the KPLC, DStv, ShowMax and so on.

Also the customers can easily shop and pay with the lipa na Mpesa services. Above all, the Mpesa services enable the customers to easily withdraw their money through the Mpesa agents even in the most remote areas in Kenya. Also customers can easily save and do so much more with their Mpesa money.

The WorldRemit money transfer platform is one of the largest and fast growing companies. This is because of their increase in partnership with the mobile money services hence supporting the growing demand of mobile money.

The company connects directly with 112M mobile money accounts globally. The customers in abroad can conveniently use the WorldRemit international money transfer to send money to friends and relatives in Kenya instantly to their Mpesa accounts.

WorldRemit is the first money transfer company to partner with Huawei. The partnership provides a platform that improves access to mobile money transfer in Africa. The deal enables all individuals currently using Huawei accounts to connect with WorldRemit money transfer.