How to Reverse Mpesa money Transfer through Safaricom Mpesa Hakikisha Service

Safaricom Kenya hakikisha service enables Mpesa users to stop and reverse an Mpesa transaction before completing the transfer. The sender receives a message from Mpesa with the details of the recipient. This is just before completing the Mpesa transaction. The sender can cancel the transfer using Safaricom Mpesa hakikisha service, or do nothing to complete the transfer process.

Mpesa is a product of Safaricom Kenya. It’s a mobile banking method for the majority of Kenyans countrywide. The reverse Mpesa money transfer has greatly improved and enhanced the payment system with Mpesa hakikisha service. Mpesa hakikisha service has improved security in the Mpesa transactions.

Mpesa enables individuals to use the platform as a savings account. It also enables money transfers and pay bills such as DStv, KPLC, using the Mpesa paybill numbers. The Safaricom hakikisha service is very important while dealing with Mpesa transactions.

Safaricom introduced 4G in Nairobi and Mombasa. They also recently introduced Safaricom Guarantee and My Data Manager. Safaricom is really improving the security features relating to their products. This enables customers to be more confident using their network. As a result, more people rely on Safaricom’s Mpesa, one of the best mobile payment platforms in Kenya.

Safaricom Mpesa Hakikisha Service

Hakikisha means verify or confirm. It is a product that enables one to confirm the name of the person whom you are sending money to. This is possible before completing the money transaction with Mpesa.

Safaricom hakikisha service

Use Mpesa Hakikisha to avoid sending money to wrong person

The service is automatically available to all the Mpesa registered customers. You can easily access it after receiving the Mpesa account with the pin.

In addition, the Safaricom hakikisha service is very convenient. Hakikisha prevents the Mpesa customers from sending money to the wrong person.

It enables the customer to confirm the recipients name before Safaricom automatically sends the money. It’s a problem solved for the Mpesa customers.

Before the hakikisha service, Mpesa users would have to patiently call the Safaricom customer care to request a reversal of an Mpesa transaction, which wasn’t always successful. For others the unintended recipient of the money would either withdraw or send it to another person fast. This would make it very hard for Mpesa customer care to make the reverse possible.

It’s very effective and very beneficial to the customers making payments to Lipa na Mpesa and agents withdrawals. It is also very important for the Mpesa agents when depositing money for the Mpesa customer. This is because it enables them to confirm the customer number.

How to Reverse Mpesa money transfer through Hakikisha

Safaricom Mpesa Hakikisha Service for Mpesa

The Mpesa customers no longer have to suffer the financial loss of losing money. This is because of entering the wrong number and sending the money to the wrong person.Before completing the Mpesa transaction, Safaricom will send you a notification entailing the recipient’s name.

To stop the transaction, you will be required to send any letter or number within 25 seconds. This enables one to stop the money transfer of any wrong transaction. Note that pressing Cancel, close or dismiss does not stop the Mpesa transaction.

To opt out from Safaricom Mpesa hakikisha service, dial *234# .This will enable you to send money on Mpesa without confirming the recipients name. This is a problem because other people will not also be able to confirm your name.

Safaricom Mpesa hakikisha service is very reliable, secure and convenient to use while sending money. It is very efficient because it enables Mpesa customers to have a better experience while using the product hence customer satisfaction.

In case the customer misses the Safaricom Mpesa Hakikisha and sends money to the wrong person. The customer can always reverse the wrong Mpesa transaction by sending wrong Mpesa message immediately to 456.