My Safaricom App – The exciting extra Features in the Safaricom smartphone mobile app, mySafaricom App

Safaricom is the leading network provided in Kenya.  Safaricom network specialize in telecommunication, broadband internet and financial services throughout the Kenyan market. MySafaricom app is a product that allows all the Safaricom customers to easily have direct access to all their services in one platform. The app also allows the customers to easily access self care services at all times.

MySafaricom app provides a very convenient and reliable way for all customers to interact with their Safaricom services.  When it comes to Mpesa, the app provides fewer steps while sending money and paying for goods and services via lipa na Mpesa. The app also allows the customers to get and confirm all pay bill numbers easily and provides direct access to all the Mpesa records instantly.

Customers sending money via Mpesa can now find contacts easily and accurately from the phone book. That is compared to before where customers had to memorize or write down the number before sending money. Mpesa also enables Hakikisha, a service that allows customers to confirm before completing the transaction.

Other than my Safaricom app, customers can also get Mpesa services from the SIM toolkit. The Safaricom SIM toolkit provides very convenient services. Compared to my Safaricom app, the app contains more service options than the SIM toolkit. The Safaricom SIM toolkit Mpesa contains; send money option, withdraw cash, buy airtime, loans and savings, lipa na Mpesa and my account option.

Additional features in mySafaricom App

The exciting extra Features in the Safaricom smartphone mobile app, mySafaricom App

With mySafaricom app, customers can also access;

Bill manager

The bill manager enables customers to easily manage and have control of their day to day bills and utility bills all in one place. Bill manager also enables customer to get frequent paid bills and in addition provides bill reminders.

With the bill manager, customers do not have to key in the pay bill number every time they want to make payment. They can easily select from the provided list and also they can add to the list. Hence this increases the speed in making payments and also helps in eliminating errors.

Data usage manager

The data usage manager allows the customers to easily set limit for the various data usage apps in their smartphones. Hence customers can easily track down their data usage or consumption within a period of time.

Mpesa 1 tap

With the app, customers with NFC (Near field Communication) smartphones, can easily pay using in-phone Mpesa 1 tap. It is a faster way to pay via lipa na Mpesa for goods and services.

This is because the customer only taps, enters pin, pays and go. Other than phones with NFC, customers can also use a card, sticker or a wristband to make easy Mpesa payments.

How Mpesa 1tap works

  1. The merchant enters the total amount to be paid by the customer onto Mpesa 1 tap point of sale device
  2. Tap the phone or the Mpesa 1tap tag onto the device
  3. A pop up message is received via phone
  4. Customer enters PIN that authorizes the transaction to be processed.

More additional features available in mySafaricom app include;

Scan QR and pay

MySafaricom app enables the customers to pay via lipa na Mpesa by scanning QR codes provided while purchasing goods and services.  The customers can easily use the QR codes at the Mpesa agents and merchants with the lipa na Mpesa.


Tunukiwa is a Safaricom service that provides daily offers. Hence customers can get daily offers on calls, internet and internet, tailor-made to suite all the customer’s needs.

The customers get the offers based on their usage, i.e. data usage. The offers can only be accessed and used within 24 hours.


Blaze is a Safaricom service targeting the youths. Individuals can easily favorite plans via blaze and also manage their plans with mySafaricom app.

Mshwari and KCB Mpesa

Mshwari and KCB Mpesa services are available both in the SIM toolkit and in the mySafaricom APP. Customers can easily access it under the Loans and Savings.

MySafaricom App self care services

Safaricom App provides to all the customers self service channels effective for managing their accounts. Also customers can easily interact with Safaricom customer care via the app.

My Safaricom self care services includes;

  1. Get Mpesa mini statement
  2. Top up
  3. Check Safaricom Bonga points, redeem and transfer
  4. My profile IMEI, PUK
  5. Purchase SMS and data bundles
  6. Manage SMS bundles
  7. View and manage Skiza services
  8. Request for monthly bills for post pay customers
  9. Live Chat with Safaricom customer care

With mySafaricom app, customers can easily manage and get direct access to all the Safaricom services. Safaricom Mpesa customers can easily transact freely without fear of errors. This is because they can easily confirm transactions via Hakikisha and also make Mpesa reversals easily.

MySafaricom App also enables the customers to view their transaction costs before finalizing it. Hence a customer no longer needs the merchant’s charts to view the Mpesa charges.

With mySafaricom App, customers can very conveniently access all the Safaricom Mpesa services. The can easily do so anytime and from anywhere even on the move.

They can easily do so hassle free from all over the country. Finally, Downloading the App is very easy. Hence, Customers can easily update or download mySafaricom App from Google Play or from the App Store.

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