Redeem and Pay using the Safaricom Bonga Points Bonga Popote

The Safaricom Bonga points means a loyalty reward platform meant for all the Safaricom subscribers. Safaricom Kenya provides to the customers some of the best products in the market. Other than the Safaricom sim card lines, they also sell phones, modems and tablets for all their customers.

The platform enables all the post and prepays Safaricom customers to join and participate in the loyalty scheme. All the customers can easily earn points through their Safaricom lines immediately after registration.

The Bonga points accumulate and the customers earn them through voice calls, text messages, data usage through the internet and Mpesa.

The customers earn 1 point for every kshs. 10 spent.  The more the customers use their Safaricom lines, the more points that they accumulate.

How to activate Safaricom Bonga Points

The easy steps involved in the registration makes it also easier for customers to activate the Safaricom Bonga points. Once the customers registers their lines, they can activate and enroll to Bonga points by dialing *126 #.

Through this service customers can also check the balance, redeem, transfer, set and change Bonga pin and lipa na Bonga points.

The Safaricom customers can also check the Bonga points balance by dialing *124#.

The Safaricom customers can use the Lipa na Bonga points to buy goods and services and shop in supermarkets. Also they can fuel their car at petrol stations. This is only possible where there are Lipa na Mpesa outlets and in all the participating merchants.

Customers can also redeem points to get KQ tickets to Mombasa or any other destination points such as Kisumu, Eldoret and Malindi.

The Safaricom 10 Bonga points is equals to kshs.2

Redeem and Pay using the Safaricom Bonga Points Bonga Popote

Redeem and pay using the Safaricom Bonga Points Bonga Popote

  1. On your phone, dial *126 #
  2. Select lipa na Bonga points
  3. Choose buy goods
  4. Key in the till number
  5. The amount
  6. Key in the Bonga point PIN
  7. Accept or decline the payment

Once the transaction is successful, the customer will receive the confirmation message.

To check the Bonga points converting rate, dial *126*3 #

The Safaricom customers can also redeem the Safaricom Bonga points phones and tablets. This can be done at any Safaricom Retail Center.

Customers can easily save by using their accumulated Bonga points instead of cash. They can pay for the products by Bonga points and cash at the same time.

This happens when the customer does not have enough Bonga points to cater for the full price of the product.

Apart from the Bonga point popote, Safaricom provide products such as Safaricom 4G LTE services.

Safaricom also enables the customers to enjoy the Safaricom Kenya Hakikisha service for Mpesa. Recently they also introduced the Safaricom Mpesa Kadogo.

The Safaricom Bonga popote is very easy and convenient. It enables the customers to save money by converting the accumulated Bonga points into monetary value.

It is very effective especially in redeeming phones and tablets for all the Safaricom customers at the Safaricom shops.

Safaricom provides the best customer care services for any problems incurred while dealing with Bonga points or any other product or service that they provide.

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