How to recharge or buy Telkom Kenya airtime using Mpesa via Telkom paybill number

Telkom Kenya is a company that used to be known as Orange Kenya. It is a communications provider in the Kenyan market. The company was Kenya’s first telecommunications provider owned by the government. Telkom provides a variety of services to all their customers. Hence customers can easily and conveniently buy Telkom Kenya airtime via Telkom paybill number for Mpesa.

Recently, Telkom Kenya launched the 4G LTE services at very affordable prices to all their customers. Customers can now easily and conveniently enjoy fast 4G internet services in all the 4G coverage areas. To enjoy the service, an individual must have a Telkom simcard, 4G phone and to be in 4G coverage area. Most importantly, they must have Telkom airtime to be able to connect to the 4G internet services.

With Telkom airtime, customers can perform a variety of tasks. They can choose to make calls, send an SMS or purchase internet bundles. Telkom Kenya provides affordable internet to all their customers compared to the other companies in the Kenyan market. They also provide flexible Telkom internet bundles. Furthermore the customers can either select the daily, weekly, monthly or 90 days bundles. To purchase any data bundle, the customers only dials *544#.

The Telkom airtime is widely available in the Kenyan market. Sometimes, it may be hard to get it especially at night when most shops closes and individuals have no Telkom money. With Telkom paybill number, customers can easily top up their Telkom simcards anytime and from anywhere. This saves a lot of time that could have been used moving to Telkom shops to buy airtime.

Buy Telkom Kenya airtime using Mpesa via Telkom paybill number

How to recharge or buy Telkom Kenya airtime using Mpesa via Telkom paybill number

  1. On your phone, go to the Mpesa menu
  2. Select lipa na Mpesa
  3. Choose paybill
  4. The business number is 220220
  5. Enter your Telkom number as the account number
  6. The amount that to send
  7. Enter Mpesa PIN then press OK
  8. Confirm if the transaction is correct via Mpesa Hakikisha, and then press OK.

After a short while, you will receive a confirmation message from Mpesa.

Once the transaction is successful, the customer gets the recharge message via their Telkom simcards. The service is provided by PesaPal’s pay bill.

Telkom customers can also buy Telkom Kenya airtime using Mpesa via Telkom paybill number 777711.

  1. On your Mpesa menu, select Lipa na Mpesa
  2. Choose paybill
  3. Business number 777711
  4. Your Telkom mobile number as the account number
  5. The airtime amount that you wish to send
  6. Mpesa PIN
  7. Confirm via Hakikisha then press OK.

Telkom Kenya provides Telkom free data bundles to all their customers. With the free data bundles, customers can easily chat via Whatsapp, make free calls and SMS for free. Hence customers can easily recharge via Mpesa and buy bundles to get the free Telkom data bundles.

With the Telkom airtime, customers can access and enjoy a variety of Telkom services. They can subscribe to the Telkom Holla bundles that offer Kenya’s lowest call rate, BVPN, Telkom WAP and 4G home plans.

They also provide to all their customers a loyalty program that rewards their customers with bonuses. That is Ziada points. Ziada points can easily be earned through making calls, SMS and data usage. Customers can then redeem the points earned for Airtime, data bundles and the Holla bundles.

With Mpesa, customers do not have to hassle to get Telkom Airtime. This is because it’s very fast, simple and easy to recharge your Telkom airtime with Mpesa paybill anytime and from anywhere.

Telkom Kenya T-Kash Money

Telkom Kenya recently launched T-Kash Telkom Mobile Money formerly known as Orange Money.

T-Kash Money simplifies life by enabling customer’s access their mobile money even on the go. Via T-Kash, customers can easily send money in seconds, withdraw, buy goods and services and do so much more.

Now, other than Mpesa, customers can also easily to up their Telkom airtime via T-Kash Money.

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