PesaLink Kenya Mobile Money Transfer From Bank To Bank

PesaLink Kenya, a recently launched product in the Kenyan market deals with the mobile money transfer services. It is a digital platform in the banking sector that enables mobile and electronic money transfer. PesaLink is a product of the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) and is offered by the Integrated Payment Services Limited (IPSL), a subsidiary of KBA.

PesaLink enables the customers to make payments between banks in Kenya. It is very convenient because it enables real time transactions around the clock. PesaLink is very effective because customers do not have to go through an intermediary. Hence the product facilitates direct money transfer between banks.

The PesaLink Kenya offers the customers peer-to-peer money transfer. It is aimed at improving the bank to bank money transfer services and also reducing cost of transactions.

The money transfer service operates 24/7 even on public holidays. It provides instant payments at an affordable cost. It enables the customers to transact as low as Kshs.10 and a maximum of Kshs.999, 999.  The transaction is effected in less than 45 seconds.

PesaLink Kenya mediums or channels

The PesaLink Kenya enables the customers to make instant payments and so can be accessed through;

PesaLink Kenya Mobile Money Transfer From Bank To Bank

  1. The mobile phone (USSD and PesaLink APP)
  2. ATMs
  3. Banks
  4. Agents banking outlets
  5. Internet banking

The PesaLink service enables flexibility. This is because customers can easily send or receive money at the comfort of their own home. Also it enables customers to send money at their own convenient time directly to their bank accounts.

PesaLink Kenya is a major competitor of the Safaricom Mpesa. This is because just like Mpesa, customers can now use the PesaLink mobile money service and transfer money with ease and in real time from one bank account to another. This means that customers do not have to rely on Safaricom Mpesa to send money to their bank accounts.

The PesaLink is very safe and secure. In addition, it enables customers to transact with other customers having accounts in other banks instantly. PesaLink Kenya furthermore intents to integrate into merchant payments and paying utility bills a market that is dominated by the Safaricom Mpesa.

How to Register to the PesaLink Kenya Mobile Money Transfer

Almost all banks in Kenya  are currently proving the PesaLink services.

  1. Select your most suitable preferred channel to access your bank
  2. Go to the banks menu on your device and then select PesaLink. PesaLink menu options includes the; Send to phone, send to account, send to card, link your phone and finally the primary account.
  3. For registration purposes, choose the primary account
  4. Accept to make it your primary account
  5. Confirm details and accept terms
  6. After confirming your details, a confirmation message is received via SMS.

PesaLink Kenya money transfer is a very fast and also a secure way of sending money between banks. It is instant since the recipient gets the money almost immediately. .

The PesaLink is a better option that transforms the way the customers interact with their banks. This is because it enables both large transactions and the small amounts in cash. It is especially relevant  since its very easy to use, convenient, secure and fast. Also its is affordable and efficient.

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