How to pay Zuku bills using the Zuku paybill number

Zuku is a digital brand that provides digital entertainment for the Kenyans. Zuku a product of Wananchi group provides digital contents in the form of Zuku Satellite and the Zuku Fiber. Hence customers can easily pay for the Zuku products and services using Zuku paybill number for Mpesa.

Zuku is easily accessible anywhere in Kenya. Their products  can be obtained from the Zuku agents shops all over the country.

The digital platform enables the customers to enjoy high quality services. The also provide very affordable packages for the fast growing Kenyan market.

Zuku services are available in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Malawi and also in Zambia. The Zuku products include Zuku Satellite for the digital TV and Zuku Fiber that provides the internet.

Zuku Satellite

Zuku satellite provides digital TV entertainment services. It’s widely available nationwide. The satellite enables the customers to view a wide range of Zuku channels in their homes at affordable prices.

The Zuku entertainment in addition enables the customers to enjoy the free to air channels, E Entertainment, Nat Geo, Mtv Base,  Zuku kids such as nickelodeon, Zuku sports and many more.

The satellite packages include the Smart Pack, Zuku Classic and the Zuku Premium. Zuku paybill number is very convenient. This is because Zuku customer can easily pay for their desired packages at the comfort of their homes.

Zuku Satellite Packages and prices

  1. Smart pack Kshs.399,  with 42 TV & 18 radio and the local channels
  2. Zuku classic Kshs.999,  with 76 TV & 55 radio and the local channels
  3. Zuku premium Kshs.1399, with 97 TV & 55 radio and the local channels
  4. Plus Asian package with 25 additional channels at Kshs.999

Zuku Fiber

How to pay Zuku bills using the Zuku paybill number

Zuku fiber provides broad internet services to the customer’s homes and to their businesses. They therefore provide digital TV and unlimited internet. Also they provide communication services using the internet telephone through one cable.

In Kenya Zuku fiber is available in Nairobi and parts of Mombasa town. Zuku fiber hence provides strong and quality signal to all the customers.

Zuku fiber is very efficient since it enables Zuku customers to access high speed unlimited internet. Also, customers can easily make free Zuku to Zuku calls.

Recently, the Zuku Fiber introduced into the market a new package, Zuku Fiber Home Advanced. The package provides triple internet speed up to 250 megabits per second.

This is an upgrade that enables the customers to enjoy movies, streaming videos, video chats and music.  Zuku fiber also facilitates gaming. Hence enables customers to enjoy non-stop entertainment all the time.

Zuku Home Fiber Packages and Prices

  1. Basic, 30Mbps at Kshs.4,699 with 61+ channels
  2. Preferred, 50 Mbps at Kshs.5,999 with 61+ channels
  3.  Premium, 100Mbps at Kshs.9,999 with 61+ channels
  4.  Advanced, 250 Mbps at Kshs.19,999 with 106+ channels


  1. Asian package +33 channels +Kshs.999
  2. Classic package +78 channels +Kshs.499
  3. premium package +111 channels +Kshs.999

How to pay Zuku using the Zuku paybill number

  1. On your mobile phone, select Mpesa menu
  2. Select lipa na Mpesa
  3. Choose paybill
  4. The business number 320320
  5. Account code that is Zuku and the account number i.e. zuku654
  6. Amount that you want to pay
  7. Enter Mpesa PIN then press OK
  8. Confirm the transaction then press OK

With the Zuku airtime, use the Zuku paybill number 320321 and the Zuku account number for the account.

The Zuku triple pay, which is the internet, TV and telephone services, use the Zuku paybill number 220220 and the account number as the Zuku code.

Zuku triple pay provides 3 in 1 experience. This is because they provide fast and reliable unlimited home internet, digital TV and also phone services.

The Zuku customers can also pay for their services online via the Zuku website, Pesapoint, banks and M-Banking. Furthermore, customers can aslo pay via KCB mtaani agents and the ATMs.

Apart from Zuku, customers can also use the Mpesa paybill number to pay for utility bills such as KPLC, DStv and many more.

Zuku paybill number is very fast, convenient, secure and efficient in making mobile payments. Hence enables the customers to enjoy the best Zuku digital content without interruptions such as disconnections.

In conclusion, Zuku provides the best customer care service to all the customers. Hence customers can easily contact them in case of any problems or queries.

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