How to pay NHIF using the NHIF paybill number

Paying the NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund) contributions has now become very easy and fast through Mpesa. This is because of the NHIF paybill number.

NHIF provides a medical insurance cover to the NHIF registered members. This enables the NHIF members to manage and pay for their hospital bills whether inpatient or outpatient.

The Mpesa paybill number enables individuals to easily make their monthly contributions to the NHIF offices. The NHIF members can either be employed or self employed.

They can easily do so at their own convenient time at the comfort of their home. This is very effective in minimizing time wastage and the cultured long queues as it used to be.

NHIF Deductions

The NHIF deductions for the employed depend on the gross income. The maximum contribution is kshs.1700. The self employed contribute kshs.500 per month. It is compulsory to be a member for those in the formal sector. For the informal sector and retirees it is open and voluntary.

Payment of the NHIF monthly contributions is very convenient using the NHIF paybill number. This is because the members can manage and afford to pay their daily contributions depending on the amount they contribute every month.

How to pay NHIF using the NHIF paybill number

How to pay NHIF using the NHIF paybill number

  1. Go to Safaricom Mpesa menu on your phone
  2. Select lipa na Mpesa
  3. Choose paybill
  4. Enter the business number,200222
  5. Account number should be your National Identification Number
  6. The amount, that is your monthly contribution
  7. Your Mpesa PIN
  8. Confirm if the transaction is correct, and then press OK.

After a short time, you will receive a message from Mpesa and NHIF confirming the payment.

It takes 12 to 48hrs for the payment in your account to be reflected.

To view your account balance, send the ID number, i.e ID 456677 to 21101 using your mobile phone.

NHIF is growing and improving its services to the patients with chronic illness such as diabetes and cancer. This is a new package recently introduced by the NHIF. It has also greatly improved the services to the expectant mothers because of the increase in more money to cater for their hospital bills.

The NHIF products recently introduced in the market includes the Super Cover, Linda Mama Boresha Jamii and the Afya Yetu Bima Yetu services.

NHIF provides the most accessible, affordable and hence sustainable medical insurance cover for the citizens. As a result, they are able to cater for their medical bills at all times.

Mpesa services provide a fast and reliable form of paying the monthly bills timely. Apart from the NHIF, customers can also use the paybill number to pay for other services such as the KPLC, GOtv, DStv paybill number and many more.

It is very effective and efficient to pay your monthly contributions using the NHIF paybill number.

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