How to pay for DSTV Kenya using Equitel Eazzy Pay DSTV paybill number

Equitel My Money is a network that provides communication services, money transfer and finally pay bills. It is a product of the Equity Bank of Kenya. DStv Kenya is a digital platform that provides digital entertainment. It provides the best, strong and high quality signal. Hence customers can easily pay for their services via DStv paybill.

Equity Bank of Kenya is very convenient in its mobile banking and pay bills. The bank enables the customers to easily manage their DStv bills using Equitel my money service on time. This therefore helps avoid unnecessary interruptions such as disconnections.

Equitel sim card is linked to the owner’s account number. This enables the customers to have direct access to the bank accounts using their phone. Hence customers have access to their accounts money even after banking hours.

Equitel Eazzy Pay paybill service is very reliable. This is because the customers do not have to go to the banks to make the long and tiresome queues in the banking halls to pay for the DStv services. They can easily do so at the comfort of their homes, offices and even on the move.

Pay your DStv bills for free

The Equitel Eazzy Pay service enables the customers to pay for the DStv paybill for free. So this means that there are no extra or hidden charges.

DStv Kenya provides various channels and packages to their customers. They also provide self services so that the customers can easily clear the error messages online or via the mobile phones.

DSTV Packages, Channels and Prices

  1. DStv premium            126 channels at Kshs.7900
  2. Compact plus              111 channels at Kshs.5200
  3. Compact                       104 channels at Kshs.3200
  4. Family                              85 channels at Kshs.1900
  5. Access                              70 channels at Kshs.950
  6. DStv Great Wall China, package add on, at Kshs.630

How to pay DSTV Kenya using Equitel Eazzy pay DSTV paybill number

How to pay for DSTV Kenya using Equitel DSTV paybill number

  1. Go to the Equitel menu, My Money
  2. Then Select Eazzy Pay
  3. Paybill option
  4. Choose the Account number to pay from
  5. Enter paybill number 6800009 or Select business, DStv option
  6. Then enter the smart card number
  7. Amount you want to pay
  8. Enter the PIN and confirm that the transaction is OK.

The customers can easily favorite a business number that they use often.

The customers can also pay for DStv using the Mpesa, online and banks.

Other than DStv, customers can also use Eazzy to pay for KPLC,GOtv, KPLC Tokens and many more.

DStv provides the best and exciting local and international entertainment. Hence customers can enjoy a wide range of entertainment such as live sports, movies, music, series and many more.

The use of Equitel DStv paybill is very easy, fast and reliable. In addition it is very secure and convenient to use.

In conclusion, DStv Kenya provides the best customer care due to any problems encountered.

DSTV Customer Care

Tel: +254 711 066 000

+254 020 423 6000


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