NSSF Kenya – How to make NSSF Kenya contributions via Mpesa Paybill Number

NSSF Kenya is a government agency that stands for National Social Security Fund. The agency provides a platform that is responsible for providing social security protection to all Kenyans. That is those in formal and informal sectors. It acts as a saving that helps to secure the members future. It provides a platform that enables individuals to plan and save for retirement benefits.

The organization receive contribution from its members, safe keep, process and then pay out benefits to eligible members. Furthermore, it is also responsible for investing the contribution received and then distributing as benefits to its members upon retirement.

To register to NSSF, if in employment, visit the nearest NSSF office and produce the original national identity card (ID), Alien Card or Passport and a copy of it. Furthermore an introduction letter from the employer is also required. For the employed NSSF Member, the employer deducts your contributions from the salary and then tops it up with a similar amount.

Also, to register to NSSF, as voluntary or self-employed, only the original national identity card (ID), Alien Card or Passport and a copy of it is required. Once registered, the member is then issued with an NSSF membership card. The card comes with a NSSF number that acts as your account number. NSSF having partnered with Mpesa, enables its members to make cashless contributions. Hence members can now easily make contributions via Mpesa paybill number for NSSF.

How to make My NSSF contributions via Mpesa Paybill Number

NSSF Kenya - How to make NSSF Kenya contributions via Mpesa Paybill Number

  1. On your phone, go to Mpesa menu
  2. Lipa na Mpesa
  3. Pay bill
  4. Enter business no.333300
  5. Enter your NSSF card number as the account number
  6. The contribution amount
  7. Mpesa pin then OK
  8. Confirm that the transaction is correct via Hakikisha then OK

After a while, you will then receive a confirmation Mpesa message. In case of insufficient funds, an individuals can easily Fuliza to complete the transaction.

While making NSSF contribution via Mpesa, the amount should be a minimum of Kshs.200 and a maximum of Kshs.70 000.

Individuals registering for NSSF for the first time, for self-employed, an initial contribution of Kshs.200 is required. This amount is meant to activate your card.

Other than making registration at the nearest NSSF office, individuals can also make online registrations at www.nssf.or.ke or via NSSF app.

Mpesa makes mobile payments very easy in the Kenyan market. Hence no more hassle to make payments via banks in Kenya. Having gone global via Mpesa global customers can also make international mobile payments. For example, individuals can easily send and receive money globally. In addition, they can also make AliExpress payments via Mpesa.

NSSF Kenya Customer Care Contacts

Main Line: (020) 2729 911, 271 0552

Mobile phone: 0722 204 192, 0734 333 238

Toll Free: 0800 221 2744

Email: info@nssfkenya.co.ke