NSE App – Real time monitoring of financial markets and analytics via the Nairobi Securities Exchange App

Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) is the leading African securities exchange in East Africa. It is based in the Kenyan market. NSE Kenya provides a platform that offers world class trading facility. It provides a trading platform for both the local and international investors. That is, investors searching for exposure and profitable investment opportunities in Kenya and Africa. Via the NSE App, investors can easily and conveniently get and monitor real time financial markets using their mobile phones.

NSE is fast growing in East Africa. It plays a very important role in Africa’s economic growth. Furthermore, plays a very big role in the economic growth of the Kenyan market. The platform provide a market that enable the local and international companies get access to cost effective capital. The products traded at the NSE live includes, shares and bonds.

The main importance of NSE is that it provides a market that allows investors to invest savings and idle funds in a productive and profitable investment opportunity. Hence, via NSE, investors and borrowers come together at a low cost and turn savings into investments. NSE also plays an important role in educating the public, for example, stock market and its products training. In addition, they also provide daily market reports and price lists so that investors can follow up and know the value or worth of their assets at all times.

With the increase use of mobile phones and easy access to internet, individuals can easily and more conveniently get the NSE market products even on the move. That is, using the NSE App. The app provides speed, convenience, flexibility and mobility for the investors and also boosts trading of shares and bonds. The NSE App comes with amazing features that enables the investors to keep up with NSE at all times.

Features of the NSE App

NSE App is as a result of NSE partnership with Nutcracker Technologies.

The various features of NSE App includes;

NSE App - Real time monitoring of financial markets and analytics via the Nairobi Securities Exchange App

  1. Latest statistics directly from NSE
  2. Real time market data and market analytics
  3. Comparison in company performance
  4. Company monitoring and notification on any change
  5. Currency exchange rates and forex calculator
  6. Forum discussions via the app
  7. NSE Simulator using virtual currency
  8. Latest on financial news and corporate actions
  9. Listed companies and bonds
  10. Updates on new products from the NSE
  11. Live market snapshot
  12. NSE broker directory

NSE App provides the latest statistics directly from NSE. That is, the latest economic statistics about the Kenyan market.

The app also provides Real time market data, market information and market analytics. The investors and traders can easily follow NSE Live market proceedings. Furthermore, they can access real time NSE stock prices and securities trading via the app.

NSE mobile enables company monitoring, comparison in company performance, technical graphs and notification on any change. The app offers currency exchange rates and forex calculator and a forum for discussions.

The NSE App comes with a trading simulator. The NSE simulator is a platform that allows interested individuals in NSE market to practice trading. They practice trading in securities without committing real money. The simulator is very important as it helps in learning trading in securities. It’s also a great feature for the youths and the young investors wanting to participate in capital markets.

NSE mobile app furthermore provides latest on financial news and corporate actions. They also provide listed companies and bonds and updates on new products from the NSE.

The NSE live market comes with live market snapshot and NSE broker directory.

Real time monitoring of financial markets and analytics via the NSE App

With the availability of affordable internet data bundles, real time monitoring of NSE share prices and market data is very easy.  Hence individuals can easily do so even at the comfort of their homes, offices and even in the move.

Finally, Kenya is well equipped with easy access to internet and affordable data bundles. Therefore,  customers can access internet via Safaricom 4G, Airtel, Telkom Kenya, Equitel and Faiba.

In conclusion, NSE app allows individuals to keep track with the NSE market activities. The app provides real time monitoring, access and data. NSE app enables the investors to make better, informed and the right decisions.  Hence make rational investment decisions.

NSE Customer Care Contacts

Incase of any queries, individuals can easily contact NSE Customer Care at;

+ 254 20 283 1000

+ 254 222 4200

Or email; info@nse.co.ke

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