Mpesa Reversal via SMS – How to reverse Mpesa money sent to the wrong Mpesa number

Mpesa is the largest and the leading mobile network operator in Kenya. It is a platform that allows mobile banking and mobile money transfer services. In Kenya, Mpesa is available in all parts of Kenya even in the remote areas. Mpesa provides instant money transfers to all Mpesa customers and also enables Mpesa reversal for all wrong transactions made.

With Mpesa, customers can easily save, send and receive money in their mobile phones. Also, customers can easily pay utility bills via lipa na Mpesa, shop using the till numbers, purchase airtime and data bundles. In addition, the platform also enables Mpesa to bank transfers using the paybill numbers.

Sending or receiving money via Mpesa is very easy and instant. There instances where errors occur and money goes to the wrong recipient. For example, the sender keys in the wrong phone number and then send to the wrong person or pay bills to the wrong paybill number.

In the past, this was a major problem as it was extremely hard to get an Mpesa reversal. This is because calling Safaricom customer care would take long for your call to go through and or by the time it went through, the wrong recipient would have already withdrawn the money. All that is in the past now, this is because customers can easily suspend and request for an Mpesa money reversal. They can easily do so at any time hassle free via SMS without the need to call Safaricom customer care.

Mpesa reversal of money sent to the wrong Mpesa number via SMS

Mpesa Reversal via SMS

  1. SMS the wrong Mpesa message immediately to 456 and wait for the response.

Once the message goes through, the cash transfer is then suspended immediately and put on hold such that the wrong recipient cannot access the money in any way.

The process is handled by the Safaricom customer care who within 2 hours informs the sender and the recipient that the Mpesa transaction was erroneous.

They then reverse the Mpesa money back to the owner, who is the sender.

The Mpesa reversal service via SMS is very convenient. This is because Mpesa customers rely on the mobile banking not only on sending and receiving money but also in making pay bills and in purchasing goods and services.

It is also very effective when the customer wishes to reverse Mpesa airtime purchased. For instance, a customer wishes to buy airtime worth kshs.1000 by Mpesa but by mistake keys in kshs.10, 000.

Mpesa Hakikisha

Mpesa Hakikisha is a feature that allows the Mpesa customers to confirm the transaction before the final stage of sending the money.

It’s a pop up message that allows the customers to view the details of the recipient before completing the transaction.

It’s very convenient as it help reduce the number of errors made. This applies to cases of sending money to the wrong phone number, making paybills, and purchasing goods and services.

Mpesa customers should always be keen with their Mpesa Hakikisha. Also they should always confirm the recipient details displayed before sending the money. This is because its one of the ways of reducing errors that leads to sending money to the wrong person.

Mpesa provides very easy steps for all the users. customers should always be attentive while using Mpesa. This helps in reducing time and money in trying to reverse wrong transactions.