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Kenya leads the world in terms of mobile money payments. MPesa is the dominant mobile payment platform that was launched in 2007. Many competitors have risen and fallen from that time. The most recent entrants are Equitel and PesaLink. Mobile money has had a huge positive impact on the lives of Kenyans – both social and economic.

Mpesa has a GDP contribution of over 40%. The mobile payment platform is trusted daily by millions of Kenyans who use mobile money to pay various utility bills such as water and KPLC electricity bill. Most government agencies, such as Kenya Revenue Authority and the Kenya Wildlife Service, use mobile payments too.

Why Mobile Payments are Popular in Kenya

Mobile platforms have a simple registration process. They have very low transaction costs. Moreover, they are accessible and secure.

At MpesaPaybill.com we focus on the current trends in mobile payments as well as business ideas that will help ordinary Kenyans make money.

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