How to hassle and make money with Easy business ideas and business opportunities in Kenya with as low as kshs.3000 or less

Starting a business can be very hectic and tricky a times. Thinking of the best business to start can be very stressful and a lot of time consuming. Starting any business is not easy. It is a very risky venture. It can either be a big success or a failure. But the aim of starting any business is success.  That’s why sometimes it’s best to start small with the very easy business ideas in Kenya. That is, ideas that do not require huge investments in terms of finances and capital.

Most small, easy business ideas and business opportunities require just a small investment in terms of capital. An individual can easily invest his or her pocket money, savings, or a small loan from friends and family members. When starting any business, an individual must be very creative and come up with a good marketing strategy.  Rather than being idle or engaging in crime, an individual can easily start a small business to earn some income. That is, hassling the right way.

Small and easy business ideas in Kenya do not necessarily require one to use the skills taught in school. Some can be self taught. The only important skill required is the knowledge of how to invest money in your business. Also how to manage the income received as profits. That is, in order to grow the business into the next level.

Job opportunities in the Kenyan market are very scarce. With the right skills an individual can easily hassle small, easy business ideas and start earning profits. The profits maybe small, but with time an individual can easily save to grow or venture into another business with higher profits.  Starting a small business provides one with exposure, connections, skills and the right knowledge for business growth.

Easy Business Ideas In Kenya

How to hassle and make money with Easy business ideas and business opportunities in Kenya with as low as kshs.3000 or less

Selling boiled eggs, smokies and samosas

An individual may start with the boiled eggs first, then grow to smokies and later include samosas. With this business, an individual needs a reliable supplier of eggs, boils and then takes them to the market. A good business location is the key. It can be at the bus stage or a busy street.

One will require a spoon and packaging material. In addition, one also needs a clean transparent bucket to start with to carry the eggs and later upgrade to a cart.

Customers also love kachumbari that goes very well with boiled eggs and smokies. The kachumbari mostly contains raw onions, tomatoes, Dania, salt and chili. An individual can start this business with as low as kshs.2000.

Selling Mutura – African Sausage

Selling Mutura is another small and easy business idea in Kenya doing very well. With this venture, one needs a reliable source of the intestines and the meat for the Mutura. Also an individual needs a large jiko, charcoal, knife, wooden board and packaging material.

An individual can buy the meat for Mutura and prepare from home. Put the Mutura in a clean bucket and set up in a busy street or outside a busy butchery. Then roast the Mutura while selling. This business does well mostly in the evening. The good thing is that, an individual can start this business with at least kshs.2000.

Shoe shiner

Shoe shinning is a very easy and interesting business idea. All one needs is shoe brushes, shoe polish and be in a busy street to set up. Also one will need a container of water and a small towel to clean the customer’s shoes. Furthermore, you will need two seats, one for you and another for the customer.

At start, an individual can start with shoe shinning, and then expand to repairs. An individual can also expand to selling items that relates to shoe repairs. This business does very well in the morning, people rushing to work. The business requires as low as kshs.2000 to set up.

Mahindi choma- roasting maize

We all love good fresh roasted maize. To set up this business, an individual will require a reliable supplier of fresh soft maize. Also, one needs a large jiko and charcoal for roasting. Then set up in a busy street or near a bus stage. The best location is a street with high traffic.

In addition, an individual can include chili salt and lime or lemon. This business does not require much. An individual can set up with at least kshs.1500

Selling ripe bananas

This is the easiest small business idea in Kenya. All one need is to look for a supplier with big good ripe bananas, buy and sell. The secret is to look for a busy street, bus stages and also at the traffic jams. You don’t have to set up a permanent place as you can easily sell on the go.

This small and easy business idea in Kenya does not require much. An individual can start with a low investment of kshs.500

Mama nguo- laundry business

Starting a laundry business in Kenya does not have to be so complicated. An individual can start small then grow with time. An individual can start a small laundry business. That is washing clothes for the customers.

This business does not require any capital as the individual is paid for the service rendered. However, it involves a lot of self marketing to gain more and loyal customers. This business does well in estates and in big towns. An individual can also include house cleaning to earn more.

Selling mitumba – Second hand clothes

This is a very interesting small business idea in Kenya. It can also be very tricky a times. The good thing with mitumba is that, an individual can opt to specialize. That is from women clothes, men clothes, jeans, kid’s clothes, curtains, bed sheets and so on.

The ready market in Kenya makes this business a good easy business idea. The best place to start this business is a busy market with lots of traffic. With as low as kshs.2000, one can easily start a mitumba business.

Manicure and pedicure

Manicure and pedicure is an easy business idea that targets women. Women always want to look good and attractive. With this business one can never go wrong. Though one must be very creative and master the skills involved in this business in order to be successful.

One can start small by doing this business on the go, making house calls, while still doing some marketing. Then when one makes enough profits, one can set up a permanent location. To set up this business, one must have at least kshs.2500.

Selling tea / coffee

Selling tea or coffee is a small business idea that does very well in the mornings and evenings. An individual can start this business on the go. That is taking tea to your customers.

For one to set up this business, one needs a big flask and some plastic cups. In addition, one needs sugar, milk and tea leaves. For coffee, one needs coffee and sugar. While starting, an individual can cook the tea or coffee from home, and then take to the market. An individual can start this business with as low as kshs.3000

Boiled maize

Boiled soft maize is very tasty. Compared to roasted maize, boiled maize business idea is very easy to set up and manage. All one needs is a reliable supplier, a large pot, salt and a jiko.

One can easily get the maize from the supplier, boil from home and distribute it into the market. Or set up in a busy street, boil and also sell from there.

This easy business idea in Kenya does not need much to start with. An individual can easily set up with as low as kshs.1500.

Food kiosk

A small food kiosk involves selling vegetables and fruits. An individual can easily sell sukuma wiki, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, onions and cabbages. Further, one can also add fruits such as avocado’s, mangoes etc.

A small food kiosk is very easy to start with as low as kshs.2000. An individual can start small then expand to include more items according to customers demand.

The best place to locate this business is in a busy street in the estates. Also near residential houses especially near a main road.

Some easy business ideas does not require a fixed place for starters, one can easily sell on the go. Pricing is a key factor when starting any business. The prices should be favorable for you and also for the customers. One could also put prices depending on the competition.

Whichever easy business ideas one decides on, one must be passionate about it. In order to achieve success, one also must be dedicated to ones business. Some small scale business ideas can later grow to large very profitable business ideas.

Easy business ideas can also be part time business ideas. For example businesses that does very well at a specific time i.e. in the evenings or mornings. A good business idea is one that is well implemented and making profits.

With the latest technology in Kenya, other than cash, one could also allow mobile money payments. With the Safaricom Mpesa, one could accept Mpesa Kadogo. This is very convenient because the customer does not incur any charges for kshs.100 and below. Also with, Telkom Kenya T-Kash, that allows sending money up to 200 bob for free.

Be your own boss by starting an easy business idea and business opportunity in Kenya with as low as kshs.3000 or less.

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