How to Register to eCitizen Kenya portal & pay using Equitel Eazzy Pay paybill number

ECitizen Kenya is the official Kenyan Government portal. The portal provides a platform that enables easy access of information and services from the government of Kenya. It therefore provides access to all the Kenyan citizens, residents and the visitors. Hence every individual can easily obtain information they need and pay online through the internet for the services offered.

The eCitizen Kenya government portal provides a variety of services. Individuals can easily and conveniently pay for services in the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) i.e. renewal of driving licenses.  Other services include the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice. Also they can easily access Department of Immigration and Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning. More services include the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Civil Registration Department.

The government portal enables the customers to easily apply and pay for licenses and more. The individuals can conveniently register through the easy step using their first name and the ID number. Once successfully registered, they can then log in to access all the government services. Through the portal, the individuals fill in application forms online of the required services. Once submitted and paid, they then receive the license or permit in PDF format.

ECitizen Kenya provides easy payment procedures for all the customers. The individuals can easily pay using mobile money. They can conveniently pay using Mpesa, Airtel and the Equitel Money. Also customers can make payments with the debit cards and online banking from local banks. The Equitel Money provides an easy platform for all the Equity Bank customers. This is because customers can easily pay using their mobile phones from their Equity Bank Accounts. Unlike the Mpesa and Airtel Money, customers do not have to load their mobile money in order to pay for services.

How to register to the eCitizen Kenyan Government portal

How to Register to eCitizen Kenya portal and pay for Government services using Equitel Eazzy Pay paybill number

  1. Go to
  2. Click on create an account
  3. Enter your ID number and your first name and click verify
  4. Enter your Email address and confirm, password and confirm the password
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions
  6. Go to your email address and continue the activation process by clicking the verification link that you received
  7. Enter the phone number and Verify the code sent via SMS
  8. Upload your recent passport photo and complete the registration process.

How to pay eCitizen Kenya using Equitel Eazzy paybill number

  1. Go to the Equitel menu, my money
  2. Then Select Eazzy Pay
  3. Paybill option
  4. Choose the Account number to pay from
  5. Enter the business number 206206
  6. The account number that is generated for the service you selected
  7. Amount to pay based on the invoice
  8. Enter the PIN and confirm that the transaction is OK.

Once successfully paid, the customer can then easily print the document that he/she was applying for. It is important to note that the Equitel Eazzy pay paybill number and the Mpesa Paybill number is the same 206206.

Other than eCitizen paybill, the customers can also pay for the DStv, KPLC,GOtv bills and many more using the Equitel Eazzy pay services.

The eCitizen Kenyan portal caters for all the needs of the customers. Hence it is a gateway for all the Government services. The customers can easily access the government information and services online via the internet. No more long and tiresome queues at the government offices and banking halls as the customers can easily apply online and pay with their mobile money.

Through the mobile money, the customers can easily apply and pay for the eCitizen services from anywhere and anyplace. They can also conveniently save a copy of the documents in their mobile phones in case one forgets the hard or the printed copy.

Equitel mobile money via Eazzy Pay provides flexibility to all the Equity Bank customers. This is because they can easily and conveniently pay all their bills at the comfort of their homes through the paybill numbers.  Equitel money therefore enhances convenience to all their customers by enabling them to easily pay for the government services on the eCitizen platform via Eazzy Pay.

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