How to Renew driving license Online in Kenya With Equitel Eazzy pay, eCitizen portal

The Driving License Renewal in the past in Kenya used to be a very hard and tedious process. The individuals wanting to renew their driving licenses had to make the long queues in banks and the KRA offices. Since the introduction of the eCitizen Kenya portal, renewal of driving licenses is now an easy process.

ECitizen is a portal that provides the various Government services online through the internet. One of the Government services that they specialize in is the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA). The NTSA is a statutory body that deals with the registering and licensing of motor vehicles in Kenya. They also conduct motor vehicle inspection and certification. They regulate public service vehicles and develop and implement road safety strategies. NTSA also establish systems and procedures for and oversee the training, testing and licensing of drivers.

Through the eCitizen portal, individuals can now easily access the NTSA services such as the driving license renewal. The eCitizen portal provides flexibility and convenience to all the customers. This is because the customers can easily pay for the services offered through the Mpesa services, Airtel money and also the Equitel Eazzy Pay.

Registration to the eCitizen Kenyan portal provides very simple and easy steps. Once registered, the customers can then easily renew their driving license from anywhere. That is from their homes, offices, cyber cafes and also on the move from their mobile phones and tablets. Once the renewal process is complete, the customers can easily pay with the Mobile Money, Debit or Credit Cards and the Mobile Banking.

Driving License Renewal in Kenya and pay with the Equitel Eazzy pay via the eCitizen portal

Driving License Renewal in Kenya and pay with the Equitel Eazzy pay via the eCitizen portal

  1. Go to the eCitizen Kenya portal and log in once registered.
  2. Click the National Transport and Safety Authority
  3. Select the service from the list provided, that is one year driving license renewal or the three years driving license renewal.
  4. Confirm that all the details are correct then click submit. If the information on your driving license cannot be found, click the driving license information correction on the list provided.
  5. Pay using the options provided. With the Mpesa and Equitel Eazzy pay, the paybill number is the same, that is 206206
  6. Once the payment process is successful, print the renewal slip and stick it in the driving license booklet

When the individuals renew through their mobile phones or tablets, the renewal slip can easily be accessed electronically in the eCitizen portal.

To confirm your details, send the word DL to 22430, to check validity and obtain your Driving License reference number, dial *512#

Through the eCitizen portal, the individuals can easily renewal their driving licenses for a period of one year or three years. For one year, the payment made is Kshs.600 plus convenience fee of kshs.50 bob. For three years, the payment made is kshs.1400 and convenience fee of kshs.50bob.

Other than the Driving License Renewal, individuals can also apply and pay for Provisional driving license, Driving test application and obtain the Interim driving license online. Other services offered include; driving class endorsement, duplicate driving license and Driving license information correction.

The NTSA App Self Service

Other than the eCitizen portal, the individuals can also easily and conveniently access the National Transport and Safety Authority services through the NTSA App. Through the NTSA App, individuals can easily report the road accidents or the misuse of roads by the motor vehicles. The App also enables the individuals to check the status of their driving license, road service and licensing status.

The other service includes check inspection status of your motor vehicle, status of vehicles night travel license, verify application status, status of the PSV licensing and status of your Sacco license. Through the NTSA portal, individuals can also Zusha and speak up against reckless drivers especially the naughty matatus drivers.

The NTSA portal also provides TIMS that is Transport Integrated Management Systems. This is a platform that deals with Motor vehicle registration and inspection booking. Also they provide motor vehicle transfer ownership and motor vehicle record search. Hence the individuals can easily apply and pay for any service offered by the NTSA at your own convenient time and from anywhere.

The Equity Bank Eazzy pay service provides easy access and convenience. This is because the equity bank customers do not have to go to the banks any more to access their money. This is because they can easily access their money through their phones at all times though the Equitel My money.

Hence this makes the Eazzy Pay the best option when dealing with the eCitizen Kenya portal. Also Eazzy pay is very effective and efficient when paying for all the NTSA services online. In conclusion, you can comfortably renew your driving licenses online as we all wait for the digital driving license to roll out.

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