How to Book and Pay the SGR Train Madaraka Express Using Mpesa Paybill Number

The standard gauge railway (SGR) Madaraka express was launched on 31st may 2017. It is the first modern train to be seen in the Kenyan market. SGR train comes with high speed, cost friendly services and high capacity for both freight and passengers. Traveling to and from Mombasa to Nairobi using a train is now very convenient. The customers can easily book using their mobile phones and pay with the Mpesa paybill number.

Madaraka express provides the best services and ease of travel to all their customers. They help ease congestion on the roads. Before the launch of Madaraka express, most Kenyans used to travel by bus. Hence high cost of bus fares to and from Mombasa to Nairobi. Well, they had no choice. This is because compared to the high cost of air lines and the slow old trains, the bus were cheaper, fast and most affordable to majority of Kenyans.

Kenyans can now choose a cheaper and more affordable option that is the Madaraka express. The train takes only 4hrs to move from Nairobi to Mombasa and vice versa, compared to a bus that takes 9hrs. Other than high speed, travelling using Madaraka express is also safe and secure. The high number of road accidents makes the train to be the better option for the majority of Kenyans.

The customers can easily and conveniently book their train tickets using their mobile phones.  They can even book three days earlier before the day of travel. Customers do not have to make the long and tiresome queues at the train station to buy the tickets. This is because they can easily do so at the comfort of their homes and from anywhere hassle free. All they need is a mobile phone and a Safaricom simcard for the Mpesa payment purposes.

How to Book and Pay the SGR Train Madaraka Express Using Mpesa Paybill Number

Book and Pay the SGR Train Madaraka Express Using Mpesa Paybill Number

  1. Customer makes a Call to the Madaraka express enquiries on 0709 388 888. Provides the itinerary details together with their mobile number. The itinerary details include the date of travel, preferred class and destination.
  2. The customer receives an SMS with the Mpesa paybill number, payment ID and the amount.
  3. Customer makes payment.
  4. Ticket details is sent to the customer via SMS.
  5. The customer prints boarding pass at the self service machine or from the dedicated Mpesa ticket window at the train station.

The customers can also use the Mpesa paybill number 809888 and the account number Ticket. However, this is only allowed while at the station due to bookings of the seat and other itinerary details.

Other than the SGR train, customers can also use the Mpesa paybill to also pay for other services. Such services includes the Nairobi water, GOtv, DStv bills and many more

SGR Train Madaraka Tickets

The Madaraka express comes with very friendly prices for their services. That is the Madaraka express economy class only costs Kshs.700 and the Madaraka express first class Kshs.3000.  Individuals travelling with their kids, under the age of 3yrs travel for free. The age bracket of 3-11 yrs. pay half the price while above 11 yrs. pays the full ticket price.

The Kenya Railways provides to their customers pick up points. That is at 7am from Nairobi central railway station to Syokimau station and from Mombasa Mijikenda Street to the Miritini railway station. There is also a pick up point at 1.30pm from both new railways to the old Mombasa and Nairobi railway stations.

The SGR trains leave both the railway stations at 9am every morning to Mombasa from Nairobi and vice versa. They then arrive at both stations in Mombasa and Nairobi at 1.30 pm

With the SGR Madaraka express schedule, there is no room for delays and unpredictability. This is because the new trains are faster and more efficient compared to the old trains. The SGR trains provide a stiff competition with the low budget air lines. This is due to their cost friendly services and also attracts tourists.

The customers can easily and conveniently enjoy the best modern Madaraka express train service in the Kenyan market. That is, as we all wait for the launch of the inter-county trains and the ease of SGR train online bookings through the internet.

Book and Pay the SGR Train Madaraka Express via SMS

Recently, Kenya railways launched the SMS based payment code platform. The platform enables all the customers to easily book and make ticket payments via a USSD code. Other than booking and making payments via Mpesa, customers can also use the code to cancel tickets.

To book tickets, just dial *639# and book a ticket or check tickets via the easy step.

With the USSD code, customers can easily and conveniently buy in advance up to 5 tickets in a week. Once the customer successfully books a ticket, a confirmation message is sent to their phone via SMS. The confirmation message entails the reference number, destination, time, date of travel and the number of passengers.

Once at the railway station on the day of travel, the customers must then print their tickets from the service booths. Also the customers must carry with them the National ID card for checking in.

The SMS based payment method allows the customers to make secure and instant purchases using Mpesa. Hence the customers can easily plan their travel earlier and also make payments in advance. Thus customers no longer have to buy tickets at higher prices from the middlemen or make the long trip to the railway station to buy tickets.

SMS based payment platform provides fast and secure bookings of the Madaraka Express tickets. Customers can easily book their travel tickets hassle free, anytime and from anywhere though their mobile phones.

The Kenya railways SGR train provides the best customer care services. Incase of any complaints or queries, customers can easily contact them at or by phone: 0709907000, 0728603581/2.