Blockchain Wallet – Lockbox hardware wallet features

Blockchain is an online wallet provider and one of the most trusted all in one crypto company. It’s a fast growing company that provides an easy and a safe way of accessing digital currencies.  Blockchain wallet is a popular wallet for storing crypto currencies. Lockbox is a hardware wallet a product of Blockchain in partnership with ledger, a top hardware wallet developer.

The lockbox Blockchain wallet is a new cryptocurrency hardware that works with the Blockchain wallet. It is a combination of both hardware and software. It integrates both Blockchain’s software technology with ledgers latest infrastructure solution. Hence it enables online and offline seamlessly. This means that users can store funds in the web part and the in the offline part. Therefore enabling the Blockchain users to have an easy control and manage of their digital funds.

Lockbox Blockchain wallet enable user to obtain their Bitcoin wallet balance and receive transactions on mobile and web. Furthermore users can also trade directly from their lockbox wallet. It’s very simple to use. Comes with very simple set up with minimum steps that’s very easy to understand. There’s no need for any software download. The hardware works hand in hand with the users Blockchain wallet.

Being a hardware wallet, lockbox stores the users’ private keys in its wallet. Hence protecting the user from security risks such as phishing, malware and spoofing attacks. The wallet being a non-custodial device is meant to provide best in class security both online and offline to its users.

Features of Blockchain wallet, lockbox

Lockbox wallet features includes;

Blockchain Wallet – Lockbox hardware wallet features

  1. Easy to use

Lockbox wallet provides very easy steps to set up. Furthermore its not hard nor complicated. Hence very easy to use.

  1. The wallet facilitates crypto to crypto trade

Lockbox is the first hardware wallet that enables crypto for crypto trading. That is via Blockchain native brokerage swap. It allows the users to trade while still maintaining their private keys.

  1. It provides both hardware and software features

The wallet provides both hardware and software storage. As a result, it allows hot and cold storage. Therefore, the user can store the private keys on the hardware part while the crypto’s remains on software part.

  1. Only compatible with Blockchain wallet

Lockbox is specifically designed for Blockchain. It offers a convenient way for Blockchain users to store and manage their digital assets.

  1. Its endpoint-controlled

Lockbox wallet comes with endpoint controlled hardware and software integration. It has a special key that only allows connection with legitimate sites. This means that it prevents online risks and attacks, hence safeguarding the user’s digital assets.

  1. Best in class security

Via Lockbox wallet, users store the private keys away from the hot storage. It ensures that private keys is never revealed. The design provides maximum security to all users whether in storage or in trading

Blockchain wallet Lockbox security features

With lockbox wallet,

  1. Blockchain does not have access to the digital assets. The private keys remain stored on the device and hence not exposed to your computer.
  2. Only the user has direct access to the funds. Hence even when the computer gets compromised, the funds remain in the lockbox wallet.
  3. Secure the funds with a strong PIN
  4. Lockbox comes with Extra verification security measures. Thus this helps to prevent a compromised computer from sending funds without the user’s manual approval on the hardware device.
  5. A backup is required to recover the assets. That is in case the device is lost, stolen or damaged.

Other than Bitcoins, Blockchain also supports other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin cash and Ethereum. Therefore a user can store, send, receive and trade them via the wallet.

The wallet provides an all in one for the cryptocurrency users. It also enables the user to receive balance and transaction notification on mobile and web. That is, without plugging their device.

Lockbox is similar to other wallets, but it’s among the top best Bitcoin wallets. Its one of the best wallets to obtain once one decides to get and accumulate Bitcoins.

Blockchain Lockbox is a unique combination of hardware and software that allow the users to easily trade or manage their digital asset online and offline seamlessly. It provides flexibility as users can keep funds on the web wallet for easy and daily usage and the rest on the cold wallet for savings.

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