Bitwala Mobile Money Transfer from Bitcoin Wallets to Mpesa Account

The Bitwala mobile money is an international money transfer platform. The platform enables the customers to send money to all the Mpesa accounts from the Bitcoin wallets. The customers can easily and conveniently send Bitcoin to Mpesa services in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Tanzania in Africa. Also the services allow the customers to send Bitcoin using the 20 national currencies that they provide.

Bitwala Mobile Money service is an easy and secure platform for all the customers. They provide high security specialized by the cryptographic algorithms. This allows security for all the transactions made. The Bitwala mobile money is an open source because all the customers can easily access their services with the internet services. Thus they can hence participate, send and receive money instantly at no extra cost.

The mobile money transfer in Africa is free of charge. Thus this makes the Bitwala mobile money service very cheap.  Hence it’s the most affordable way to send and receive money in Africa. The Bitcoin wallets service enables real time experience for all their customers. This is because of the instant money transfer.

The Safaricom Mpesa is the most and widely used mobile money transfer services in the Africa. They provide the best, flexible and affordable mobile money services. The customers can easily get the Mpesa services anywhere in Kenya even in the remote areas through the Mpesa agents.

How to Transfer Bitwala Mobile Money from Bitcoin Wallets to Mpesa Account

Bitwala Mobile Money Transfer from Bitcoin Wallets to Mpesa Account

  1. Sign up and open a Bitwala account
  2. Click send money
  3. Select the mobile money and decide on the payout currency to use
  4. Key in the recipients’ details and the amount that you wish to send
  5. A pop up invoice then appears that gives the customers the option of making the payment in Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin is a digital cartographic currency. Bitwala Mobile Money provides the best tool that provides financial freedom and flexibility. Also the customers can easily and instantly send money internationally online through the internet. This is because Bitwala mobile money service is available in over 120 different countries and anyone can open or sign up a Bitwala account at no costs.

The Bitcoin wallets to the Mpesa is very convenient because once the money is received, the customers can then easily pay utility bills. The customers can also choose to send, withdraw through the Mpesa agents or buy airtime.

Bitwala Mobile Money Transfer from Bitcoin wallets to Mpesa is very simple, fast, cheap and secure. Through the mobile money, the customers can easily pay bills such as the DStv bills, GOtv, KPLC bills and many more using the Mpesa wallets.

Other than Africa, Mpesa is also widely be used in Afghanistan and India. Hence this makes it the best way to send money from abroad via the Bitcoin wallets. Also other than the Bitwala mobile money transfer, the customers can also use the Wave money or WorldRemit money transfer to receive money to their Mpesa accounts from abroad instantly.

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