Banks in Kenya: Here is a List of Commercial Banks in Kenya

Here is a list of banks in Kenya. With mobile payment services becoming popular, commercial banks in Kenya are becoming more innovative. Consequently, most Kenyan banks are introducing new banking products. One banking innovation that is becoming very popular in Kenya is online banking.

Commercial banks in Kenya compete with mobile money services such as Mpesa and Equitel Kenya. Kenyans usually prefer paying bills using mobile money because it is faster and more convenient. It is also much cheaper to pay utility bills such as GOTV and DSTV subscription using Mpesa and Equitel.

Other bills that one can pay using a mobile wallet include KPLC bills and monthly HELB loan repayments. Sports betting is very popular in Kenya. SportPesa is a leading sports betting platform in Africa. Mcheza and Betin Kenya are becoming popular too. Most, if not all, of the betting companies rely on mobile money services such as Mpesa and Equitel to receive payments.

They also use mobile payments to pay their betting winners. Using mobile money is sometimes more cost-effective than relying on banks. This is because Equitel and Mpesa charges are lower than those charged by commercial banks. Moreover, it is easier to transfer money between banks in Kenya.

Banks in Kenya: Here is a List of Banks in Kenya

One can also send cash from a mobile wallet such as Mpesa or Equitel to any bank account using bank codes. Banks in Kenya that have fully embraced online banking include Standard Chartered bank, Equity Bank and National Bank Of Kenya. Furthermore, most commercial banks in Kenya also act as deposit-taking microfinance institutions (MFIs).

Cooperative Bank of Kenya (Coop Bank)

Cooperative Bank of Kenya (Coop Bank)

The Cooperative Bank of Kenya (Coop Bank) is a commercial bank in Kenya. It was registered in 1965 under the Co-operative Societies Act. Co-op bank is also one of the leading stockbroking companies in Kenya.

The Kenyan bank offers a competitive diaspora banking product. Diaspora banking enables Kenyans living abroad get loans (mortgage or asset finance) and invest in property at home. Kenyans both in Kenya and abroad can trade in shares at the NSE via the Kingdom Securities Ltd, a subsidiary of Co-op Bank that deals with stocks.

Other banking services offered by the Co-operative Bank of Kenya include corporate, sacco banking and personal banking. The bank also supports internet banking. Like other banks in Kenya, you can get the usual money transfer services at Coop Bank. These include MoneyGram, Western Union and Swift Transfers. Furthermore, M-Co-op cash enables mobile banking where clients can buy airtime and transfer cash to and from Mpesa.

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)

Kenya Commercial Bank is another leading bank in Kenya. In addition to offering online banking, Kenya Commercial Bank has a banking app that enables KCB clients to check bank balances and transaction history, transfer funds and pay various bills. One can also use the Kenya Commercial Bank app to locate their ATMs. Kenyans living abroad have the diaspora banking section that enables them invest in property back at home.

Kenya Commercial Bank has a variety of options for Kenyans who wish to transfer money locally or internationally. These include Western Union, SWIFT, MoneyGram and RIA money transfer. KCB Mobi is a KCB product that enables mobile banking. Using the KCB Mobi App, one can transfer cash to and from Mpesa, buy airtime and withdraw cash at any KCB Mtaani agent. KCB customers can also use the mobile app to pay bills such as GOTV, DSTV, StarTimes and KPLC as well as request a mobile loan.

Kenya Commercial Bank Corporate Head Office contacts:
Head Office (Kencom)
Tel +254 (20) 3270199 +254 (20) 2229685

Tel: +254 (20) 3270000
+254 (732) 187000
Tel: +254 (711) 087000
Sms: 22522

Equity Bank of Kenya (Equity Bank Limited)

Banks in Kenya

Equity Bank Kenya is one of the biggest commercial banks in Kenya. It has a wide branch network and a huge load of innovative products and services. As a result, you will be guaranteed to find an Equity Bank branch or ATM wherever there is a town or market in Kenya. Moreover, one can use their Equitel SIM card to access their Equity bank account at any time. Kenyans use Equitel to buy airtime for any local network and transfer cash to Mpesa and other mobile wallets in Kenya. You can also use Equitel to transfer money to other bank accounts.

Equity Bank Kenya is also very convenient for Kenyans who work online and receive payment through PayPal. This is because the Kenyan bank has partnered with PayPal to enable Kenyans to withdraw their earnings from PayPal to Equity Bank account.

Equity Bank Kenya

With an Equity Bank Kenya account one can buy and sell stocks, transfer and receive cash both locally and through international money transfer services such as MoneyGram, Swift and Western Union. One can also pay bills such as GOTV, KPLC bill and DSTV through Equitel. All banking services are available at Equity Bank Kenya since it is one of the biggest and most popular banks in Kenya.

Equity Bank Kenya CONTACT CENTRE:
Telephone: 0763 063 000

National Bank of Kenya

The National Bank of Kenya was officially opened in 1968. The Kenyan bank is listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange. National Bank of Kenya is among the banks in Kenya that have competitive products aimed at the micro-finance institutions. In addition, the bank has personal banking, business and corporate banking products. It also supports diaspora banking.

Family Bank of Kenya

Family Bank Kenya

Family Bank Kenya started as Family Finance Building Society in 1984. It was started with a view to providing banking services to the unbanked Kenyans. Consequently, the bank has always aimed to attract those Kenyans who feel ‘ignored’ by the mainstream banks. These include jua kali workers, farmers, teachers and even government employees.

In addition, Family Bank Kenya has fully embraced internet banking. It has a mobile banking app called Pesa Pap. Through Pesa Pap, clients can access their bank accounts at any time and anywhere; safely and quickly. They can also pay their bills and access account statements through their phones. Family bank is also popular with property developers and Kenyans who wish to own a home by offering them competitive mortgages, as well as loans.

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya (StanChart Kenya)

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya (StanChart Kenya) is one of the oldest banks in Kenya. It was established in 1911. The Kenyan bank had its first branch in Mombasa Treasury Square. Now one of the leading banks in Kenya, Standard Chartered Bank Kenya has over 30 branches that are in operation countrywide. The clients of Stanchart Kenya have many banking options that include ATMs, mobile banking and internet banking.

Just as Mpesa is convenient, fast and secure, mobile banking through Standard Chartered Bank Kenya is fast and accessible 24/7. To register for StanChart Kenya mobile banking, one is required to visit his nearest branch after which they can transfer cash from Mpesa to KCB. One can also buy airtime. This is in addition to making payments such as GOTV,  KPLC bill using the KPLC paybill number and DSTV paybill number.

24/7 Contact Centre:
+254 20 329 3900 / +254 703 093 900 / +254 732 143900

I&M Bank Kenya

I&M Bank Kenya

I&M Bank Kenya is a privately owned commercial bank in Kenya. It started as a financial services company in 1974. It later became a commercial bank that is publicly quoted at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) under I&M Holdings Limited. I&M Bank Kenya offers both corporate and retail banking, and its shares can be bought at the NSE.

As with other banks in Kenya, I&M Bank Kenya operates ATMs and branches in major centers in Kenya. However, most of I&M Bank Kenya branches are in Nairobi. The bank’s internet banking product is called I-Click Internet Banking.

Through internet banking, employers can pay salaries while Kenyans can trasfer funds locally and abroad. Moreover, one can freely access the latest interest and forex rates. I&M Bank Kenya also supports diaspora banking which allows Kenyans living abroad to make remittances and even buy property.

Head Office:
I&M Bank Tower, P.O. Box 30238 – 00100,
Nairobi GPO, Kenya
24-hour Call Centre: +254 20 322 1000, +254 719 088 000, +254 732 100 000, +254 753 221 000

Bank of Africa Kenya (BOA)

Bank of Africa Kenya is another commercial bank in Kenya. The bank supports Chamas. Its chama product is called e-Chama. A chama is an investment group where a number of Kenyans come together, save and take loans for development purposes. e-Chama allows chama members do the normal banking transactions at their convenience. This also includes approving cash requests and depositing and withdrawing cash from their chama accounts.

The Bank of Africa Kenya members can also check balance and change PIN via the internet. Bank of Africa Kenya also supports mobile and internet banking. The bank’s clients can either make Mpesa to bank or bank to Mpesa transfers using the BOA Mpesa paybill number 972900. Moreover, it is easy to pay GOTV, Zuku and DSTV bill. This is because of the mobile banking service offered by BOA.

Head Office:
Re-insurance Plaza, Taifa Road
P.O Box 69562-00400 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 703 058 120 / +254 20 327 5000

SMS: 20030

NIC Bank Kenya

NIC Bank Kenya

NIC Bank Kenya started as National Industrial Bank Limited in 1959. It was renamed NIC Bank Limited in 2005. Just as with most banks in Kenya, NIC Bank allows online transfer of money to Mpesa, and from Mpesa to your NIC bank account. In addition, clients can check account balance and request for a cheque book. They can also make an electronic fund transfer (EFT) to an NIC account or to other Kenyan banks.

NIC Bank Kenya has customized business solutions that are of benefit to SMEs within East Africa. In addition, the Kenyan bank also supports diaspora banking. Investors get asset financing while Kenyans who wish to own a home can apply for a mortgage at NIC Bank. The Kenyan bank has a variety of mortgage options.

Head Office:
NIC House, Masaba Rd, Upperhill
P.O.Box 44599-00100,
Tel: +254 (20) 2888217
Fax: +254 (20) 2888505
Mobile: (+254) 0711 041 111/0732 141 111
SMS: 20488
Swift Code: NINCKENA

Other Banks in Kenya

Barclays Bank of Kenya

Other banks in Kenya include Barclays Bank of Kenya and Jamii Bora Bank. Dubai Bank was a small bank in Kenya that was placed under statutory management by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) on August 14, 2015 for a period of one year. The CBK finally recommended that the bank be liquidated on August 2015.

Other troubled/ liquidated banks in Kenya include Chase Bank and Imperial Bank Kenya. In addition to these commercial banks in Kenya, there is a plethora of microfinance institutions as well as mobile wallets such as Mpesa and Equitel.

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