AliExpress Mpesa – How to shop online from china on AliExpress with Mpesa

AliExpress is a global online retail service based in China. It’s the world’s largest fintech service provider owned by Alibaba group. AliExpress being a popular Chinese e-commerce site, provides products to international online buyers. The online service provides a market place and serves as a host for small businesses. The platform connects Chinese businesses with buyers. As a result, it offers them a platform to sell their products to customers all over the world.

Recently, the online service announced a partnership with Mpesa. Hence allowing individuals to also pay for their purchases via Mpesa mobile payment Method. Though the partnership, Kenyans can now easily shop online and import goods from the world’s leading manufacturers. Also, micro traders in Kenya can easily source for goods and other supplies from manufacturers in China. Hence connecting Kenyans to even more business opportunities.

AliExpress Mpesa provides a reliable, convenience and seamless way to source and purchase goods online. In Kenya, the use of mobile phone is the most preferred mode of cashless payments in the country. Mobile money in Kenya have greatly transformed lives and the way people do business in terms of making payments. Most individuals prefer mobile money compared to credit and debit cards. That is, especially while making online payments.

The online shopping portal provides products for businesses and retail customers worldwide at affordable prices. Individuals shopping online get the opportunity to pay via Mpesa as one of the payment options while checking out their shopping cart on the AliExpress App and website.  Also they get the option of using their post office box numbers as the delivery location for their purchased goods.

How to register on AliExpress

To join AliExpress;

How to shop online from china on AliExpress with Mpesa

  1. Go to AliExpress Homepage
  2. At the top right corner, click join
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Wait for a verification message
  5. Once verified, set and confirm your login password
  6. Enter your name and confirm
  7. Start shopping

How to shop online with Mpesa

Using AliExpress app or via the website;

  1. Sign in
  2. Shop for your items
  3. Check out the shopping cart
  4. Select Mpesa as a payment method
  5. Enter your Safaricom phone number
  6. Type Mpesa Pin on a prompt received on your phone
  7. Confirm shipping details
  8. Pay now to complete payment

While using Mpesa, the customer gets their total cost displayed in Kenya Shillings. Also the customer is presented with the Standard Lipa na Mpesa charges applicable for each transaction made.

How to shop and pay using AliExpress Paybill Number

  1. On your phone, go to Mpesa menu,
  2. select Lipa na Mpesa
  3. Business number,614250
  4. Enter number shown on AliExpress as the account number
  5. Amount to pay
  6. Mpesa pin and confirm

To shop via the app, AliExpress app is available at Google Play Store and also from App Store.

While making payments, standard Mpesa Charges apply. If a need arises to cancel the order, a customer cqan easily do so even if payment is being verified. Hence no need to contact the seller for it.

Once a customer shops via the online shopping portal and the items failed to be delivered, the customer is refunded back via Mpesa. In case a customer gets insufficient funds, one can easily Fuliza Mpesa to complete the transaction.

Other online portals includes Amazon, eBay, etc. More online portals in Kenya includes Safaricom Masoko, Jumia Kenya, Kilimall and many more.

Safaricom Mpesa recently launched Mpesa global. Via Mpesa Global, registered Mpesa users can easily participate in international e-commerce marketplace. Through AliExpress Mpesa partnership, individuals can easily pay for purchased goods online. Hence making it less necessary to use card while making payments.

The online service portal provides a wide range of products at an affordable and competitive prices. Furthermore, the site offers worldwide delivery with shipments to over 200 countries and regions. Finally, customers can shop with confidence even on the go via AliExpress App hassle free and pay even on the go at your fingertips with Mpesa.

AliExpress Customer Care Contacts

The online retail service provides round the clock assistance 24/7 for a smooth shopping experience. In case of any problems, customers can easily contact them.