Advantages of Safaricom 4G in Kenya

Safaricom limited is the leading communication network in Kenya. It is the first company to introduce the 4G / LTE internet connection in the market. This is through its partnership with Huawei Company and Nokia Networks.

The 4G service was first launched in Nairobi and Mombasa and the surrounding areas. It is now readily available in Eldoret, Nakuru, Meru, Kisii, Kisumu towns and the surrounding areas.

It is very convenient, reliable and effective. This is because it provides an efficient network infrastructure in the Kenyan market.

The online businesses that rely heavily on internet have a chance through the high speed network connection to grow and improve their services delivery.

Meaning of 4G / LTE

4G stands for the fourth generation. The LTE means long term evolution. 4G LTE means fourth generation long term evolution and it is the latest wireless network and the most advanced version of 4G system for the mobile phones in the market.

Hence together they provide the fastest internet speed with the high speed data.

Safaricom Limited recently launched products such as Call Guarantee, Safaricom Hakikisha and My Data Manager program in the Kenyan market. My Data Manager enables the customers in controlling and managing the data usage. This is very convenient in the 4G LTE mobile phones.

Safaricom Limited provides the network’s enabled handsets and internet bundles to the customers. They also provide the best customer care services.

Advantages of Safaricom 4G in Kenya

Safaricom 4G - Advantages of Safaricom 4G LTE in Kenya

Safaricom customers can conveniently upgrade to the 4G Safaricom simcards at the nearest Safaricom shops. With the network enabled handsets and simcards, customers can easily manage to buy and activate the 4th generation data bundles. The bundles can be weekly or the monthly data bundles at affordable prices.

The network provides high speed internet. The high speed internet is very convenient due to the rapid growth of technology based platforms in the market.

It enables video conference, video calls, online banking and businesses in the market. It is also very beneficial to the individuals in the online jobs and the heavy internet users.

The network provides strong internet connection to the users. This very favorable for the customers who use the internet services in their daily operations.

It enables easy accessibility. This is through the use of mobile phones, the Safaricom 4G Modems and the other enabled handsets. Customers can easily access the services in the Safaricom 4G coverage areas.

The network is very appropriate because it enables the web pages load faster or instantly. In addition, it enables the customers to enjoy streaming of audio and video without buffering. The customers hence experience the best and hassle free internet connection.

The network connection provides 5 times faster internet than the 3G (third generation) internet connections in the market. It enables the Safaricom customers to download and upload files faster. It is also very effective and fit in gaming.

The Safaricom 4G / LTE service is the best choice of internet connection in Kenya. This is because of its speed and accessibility in the Kenyan market.

Other than Safaricom 4G, other companies with the 4G services in the Kenyan market include Faiba Kenya, Airtel and Telkom Kenya.

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